Introduction to our Parts and Consumables offering

TTF hold stock, at our office/warehouse in Leeds, of most of the common parts and barrier material used for HF welding machines.

The most common parts and barrier material are held in stock for next day despatch, more specialist parts can be sourced with quotes and lead times provided on enquiry. Parts are despatched worldwide. For any enquiries related to parts or consumables then please don’t hesitate to contact David, our Warehouse Coordinator, on 0113 2633359, or for more details.

Barrier material (Melinex, Elephantide, PTFE adhesive Teflon tape, Teflon Barrier)

Barrier material is available in a variety of types, thicknesses, widths and roll lengths. It is typically laid on the machine table or slave plates (for track welders) to stop arcing during the high frequency welding process. It wears over time and so needs to be replaced on a periodic basis, which will be dependent on the machine type, power, and the welding process and volume of welds been undertaken.

Barrier material is available in thicknesses from 190 micron up to 500 micron, with up the most common 190-250 micron thicknesses held in stock. Anything above 250 micron will be supplied on a special order basis. Melinex and Elephantide are supplied in 50m rolls. PTFE adhesive Teflon tape come in 30m rolls, we stock between 25mm-100mm widths, any other widths and non-adhesive version can be supplied on a special order basis. Teflon Barrier is supplied by the metre for Ecoweld machines.

Barrier repair tapes

Barrier repair tapes are used to join barrier materials and/or to repair holes. We stock between 25mm and 50mm widths in 66m rolls.

Earth foot kits

These are designed for Fiab track welders and are typically fitted by one of our engineers, unless you have a suitably qualified in-house engineer.

HF valves

We stock glass or air-cooled oscillator valves. Glass valves (TB3 to TB5 series), air-cooled triode valves (ITL2 to ITL15 series), Chinese air-cooled or glass valves, anti-flash valve (NL5557). If you are unsure which valve you require, or need a valve conversion then please contact David or Javid for more details.


We have a range of different capacitors that we stock with various Pf and Kv values, depending on where the capacitor is located in your machine. We have a range of ceramic capacitors, feed-through capacitors and high-voltage capacitors.


We have a variety of resistors that we stock. Resistors come in different ohms and wattage values.


We have different values of relays that we can supply from 6 VDC up to 240 VAC.

Anti-Flash Units

Anti-Flash units detect an arc during the weld and help to prevent further damage to product, tooling and machine components. Most HF welding machines will have some form of anti-flash unit, however some of these will no longer be available as a like for like replacement. We can offer a conversion if your old style unit fails, or a suitable replacement unit to suit your machine. Please contact Javid for more details.


We can supply a variety of transformers made to suit your requirements. We can also repair transformers, and confirm whether this would be a cost effective option. The main types of transformers that we supply are filament transformers, HT (high tension) / HV (high voltage) transformers, anti-flash transformers and control transformers.