FIAB Tarpaulin welding machines

Fiab travelling head high frequency welding machines range in generator size from 13 kW to 27 kW for the 960 model; and 5 kW to 8 kW for the smaller 860 model.

The track, table and trough are modular so can be supplied at a length to suit your needs, typically between 10 to 40 metres.


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THOR HF Welding machines for medical, automative, safety, stationary and packaging industries.

The Thor range of machinery: shuttles, rotaries and foot welders are available from 4 kW all the way to 100 kW, although this a rarity, we have supplied a number of 40 kW shuttle HF welders.


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ECOWELD Impulse heat sealing machines

The Ecoweld machine is an impulse heat welder, the welding width is variable from 6mm to 25mm and the machine length (welding length) is available from 1200mm to 5000mm, so you can weld 5 metres in one hit.


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Ultrasonic Machines



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