As specialists in our field, we can help when it comes to relocating HF machines, whether you are moving one machine to the other side of your factory or completely relocating to the other side of the globe.

We can provide transport, lifting equipment, a team of engineers and insurance cover.

Due to the delicate nature of some components within HF welding machinery we would always strongly advise that a HF specialist oversees the decommissioning of equipment prior to a machine move (even if moving within the same building). The same applies to machine installation.

Our engineers regularly carry out machine installations throughout the UK and Europe. From small foot operated welders to 125 metre travelling track welders.

To ensure the installations go smoothly, we can carry out a site survey. This will confirm the necessary lifting equipment, power and air supply required. This also gives us the chance to inspect the route the machine will take, making sure we avoid any unforeseen issues.



We can also decommission machines – a vital step before preparing high frequency welding machinery for transport prior to a move or sale.

Using our specialist engineers for your machine moves and installations is the most cost effective means of ensuring your machines are up and running quickly and without issues, reducing any production downtime to a minimum.

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